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“I doubt the imagination can be suppressed. If you truly eradicated it in a child, that child would grow up to be an eggplant.”
by Ursula K. Le Guin

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Archive for 'Xenartha'

Friday Xenartha Blogging – Baby Sloths

I know how much you like these….

Friday Xenartha Blogging – Why Anteaters Can’t Paint

Friday Xenartha Blogging – First Armadillo of the Year

Friday Xenartha Blogging – Anteater Race

Friday Xenartha Blogging – L’Attaque du Paresseux (Attack of the Sloth)

No, I don’t speak French.

Friday Xenartha Blogging – Crawling Sloth

Friday Xenartha Blogging – Corcovado Sloth in Residence

Friday Xenartha Blogging – Blame It on the Dillo

This story hot off’s odd news: A fire at the Indianapolis Zoo is being blamed on an armadillo that apparently pushed combustible material or bedding too close to a heat lamp. Zoo officials said Wednesday that a fire investigator’s report found no indication that the lamp fell or malfunctioned. The lamp had been double-chained […]

Friday Xenartha Blogging – Anteaters at Play

Check out this pair of Tamandua’s playing beneath the table:

Friday Xenartha Blogging – Alfa Sloth

Sloths sell cars?

Friday Xenartha Blogging – Stewie eats a Tangelo

The camerawoman behind this piece once visited here and gave me a short lecture on the differences between a Tamandua and a silky anteater. Here’s her pet:

Friday Xenartha Blogging – Anteater Porn

In my day, porn films were famous for being nearly unwatchable due to the technical inexpertise of the cameramen. Here’s a piece about anteaters which stands as a fitting tribute to the kind of quality that erotomaniacs of old had to suffer: