Friday Xenartha Blogging – Blame It on the Dillo

This story hot off’s odd news:

A fire at the Indianapolis Zoo is being blamed on an armadillo that apparently pushed combustible material or bedding too close to a heat lamp.

Zoo officials said Wednesday that a fire investigator’s report found no indication that the lamp fell or malfunctioned. The lamp had been double-chained more than two feet above the floor in the armadillo area at the Zoo’s Critter Corner exhibit.

The armadillo, three turtles, two birds, a snake and other small animals died in the November 10 fire.

Zoo President Michael Crowther estimates damages at about $120,000 and says the building should reopen in 30 to 60 days.

Couldn’t have anything to do with the design of the exhibit or the zookeeper who ran it? When in doubt, blame it on the ‘dillo.

Friday Xenartha Blogging – Anteater Porn

In my day, porn films were famous for being nearly unwatchable due to the technical inexpertise of the cameramen. Here’s a piece about anteaters which stands as a fitting tribute to the kind of quality that erotomaniacs of old had to suffer: