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Posted on May 31, 2015 in Dreams

square886In the first dream, I have a job at a radio station playing music. It’s almost my time slot, so I go to look for something to play. Everywhere I look, I can only find a few records if any at all. I run around the station — which is very large and filled with shops — but I can’t find the kind of music I like to play for my show.

In another dream, I remember being on a bus that stops in Louisville, Kentucky (where I have never been except in a dream). I am in some kind of aquarium/zoo when this memory comes to me. I am on a platform overlooking a swimming pool, watching the water with Lynn?, and a couple of girls, one a teenager and another younger. The little girl fixates on a seal which comes to the surface for a breath. It goes underwater and she loses it, but I see where it has gone and point it out to her. I turn my back and when I look back, she has jumped off the platform and jumped into the pool to pet the seal. There is an alarm and a panic. The operators of the attraction turn the platform away so we are looking at what people standing in line are doing. I briefly wonder if we are going to get a refund.

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