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Posted on February 2, 2016 in Dreams

square928A prisoner works inside the long, glassine tail of a research submarine. The sub is sinking, so he goes to the escape pod where there is only room for two people and there are three. One of them, a guard, leaves the pod and commits suicide. The second is a woman who shuts the door. The pod lurches and the prisoner hits his head. He realizes that the woman is his wife and that he has had his mind erased. The pod arrives in a city where the wife goes to a meeting and sends the prisoner off to a hospital to look for answers. The prisoner searches the entire hospital, but finds no one who can help him. He organizes a press conference and tells people what happened to him. A human rights group brings him to Amnesty International.

In a later dream, my companions tell me that they have heard the plot of the dream before in a TV movie.

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