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What I Want to Say in My Next Interview

Posted on July 12, 2017 in Disappointment Reflections

square972I have to tell you the truth: I don’t think you are going to hire me. It is true that I have a lot of strong features on my resume. I am not the most bubbly person, but I am compassionate. I make time to listen to those who come to me and I leave them with encouragement even when on the inside I don’t feel much hope for myself. Sometimes I get angry, but I know how to forgive. I have given unselfishly of my time.

I am probably too intelligent for this job, which will lead people to think that I am arrogant and elitist but the truth is that I have found some kind of intelligence worthy of respect in every person who I have met.

I’m getting old. I know this job would help my self-esteem — I know I can perform beyond expectations, but all you see are the white of my beard and the gray in my hair. Maybe you have heard rumors. My mother, who was a negative person, is beginning to sound right when she said that the good things always go to someone else. I will not stop believing that I am a good person and competent, but truth be told, I don’t believe that there is anywhere for me. You’re no different from all the other employers who have interviewed me. You have the same strange prejudices and preferences for youth and people who know how to hit a baseball. You will hire someone else who will probably disappoint you. You will have missed your chance, but because of you I will have missed out on having a job I can live for.

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