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God’s Court: Bush Found Guilty of UnChristlike Policies

Posted on September 25, 2004 in Campaign 2004 Liberals & Progressives Travels - So Cal

square084.gifWe made our annual pilgrimage to Valyermo today in the company of a friend from Lynn’s Quaker Meeting. Outside of God’s Court, we met a handful of angry liberal Catholics who condemned the actions of the Bush Adminstration as the most anti-Christian of any in recent memory. Aside from a few teenaged girls who looked pained to hear us speaking so ill of the “president” and our actions against the people of Iraq, we kept seeing people nodding their heads in agreement.

The Christian Left and the Christian Middle, it seems, distrusts this man who claims that God speaks to him. We who have read our Bible, who know the radicalism of the prophets such as Jeremiah, and the words of Christ are ready to rise. I saw one muscled man wearing a Bush shirt, looking as if he were ready to punch out anyone who might question him. The example of the Prince of Peace guided us around him: the sea of humanity just went on its way and enjoyed the beauty of the desert canyon and the arts and crafts people had brought to sell.

Out of the faith of those who have prayed in the closet as Jesus said is coming a fire which will light the world and perhaps save a few souls now afflicted with the false doctrines of Fundamentalism and Libertine Conservativism.

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