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Ten Things

Posted on March 9, 2005 in Memes

square248.gifI think Lynn got this meme from Eve Tushnet. The object is to list ten things that you have done that you don’t think your regular readers have done. Following Lynn’s lead, I shall not include members of my immediate family. So here are my ten:

  1. Helped Buddy Hackett discover that the bookstore I was working in didn’t have any copies of his books.
  2. Worked the 3 am to 6 am Sunday morning shift at KSPC Claremont.
  3. Played the harmonica in the amphitheater at Delphi.
  4. Told a French tourist to shut up so I could negotiate with a Croatian soldier and not be shot or arrested.
  5. Gone to San Francisco with my girlfriend and returned with my girlfriend — but they were two different people. (I plead MANIA!)
  6. Slept in the John Muir House.
  7. Overnighted on Alcatraz twice.
  8. Discussed the Panama Canal Treaty with Senator Alan Cranston.
  9. Chatted with Geraldine Ferraro about her childhood in Newburgh, New York.
  10. Spent the night in the Poconos without having sex.

Waiting here for your ten.

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