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Reparting Thoughts

Posted on August 25, 2006 in Depression

square051I don’t know if I can describe the hellishness that characterized this last depression. I’m not counting myself out of it, though I had a good day yesterday — I brushed my teeth! Should even mention stuff like that online? Right now it is just me and Bach, but click on Publish and the whole world knows my problems. The world world including a few family members who are pretending to be not looking.

I count nine days of nothing but turning on my bed, sleeping on the best of them, just clutching blankets on the worst. I run back and forth writing, thinking, and hiding under the covers for this one. That’s my activity and I need to make more. I’d be at the gym working out except I took two Ativan and do not wish to risk the drive. And it is too hot and unshaded for the walk around the condos that I have made my regimen.

Coming “back” implies seemingly ridiculous victories. Today you brush your teeth. You take one less Ativan. You go for that walk twice at dawn like you should. You write in your journal. You blog. All in between visits to the bed, your teacher and your protector.

Just yesterday, I heeded studies which suggest that spirituality helps those suffering from depression and mixed and remixed the books next to my bed until I found a pocket Buddhist companion. This (translated into the objects of depression) made sense to me:

I am not my depression. My depression is not me. The world is not my depression.

This doesn’t say that I lie under the covers for not discernable cause and it doesn’t say to stop taking the meds as appropriate. It simply separates my disease in the same manner as one might separate the eye or the ear. My eye is not me. I am not my eye. My eye is not the world.

We get into an ownership thing in Western thinking — if not throughout the whole world. We own our body parts and our diseases rather than seeing them as causes. They are neither separate of us nor part of us. They are facts.

This gives me personal relief from this nine day good-riddance if rid of it that I am. And I’d rather not talk more about this. It makes sense to me.

How missed you all so! And how I missed the days! I look at the calendar, my notebooks, and my charts and see the opposite of logorrhea.

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