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Another Therapyland Folly

Posted on March 11, 2009 in Bipolar Disorder Psycho-bunk

square555I got chided for calling myself a “bipolar survivor” on Twitter. This is another one of those therapy conventions that is supposed to “do something for me”, in this case prevent me from “seeing myself as a victim”. Excuse me, but survivor is someone who has weathered the worst and gotten through it thanks to her/his personal strength. Calling myself a survivor is a compliment. It states that I can stand up even when things are at their worse.

And what am I to say about my suicide attempt? Deny that it happened or that it had anything to do with the affliction? Despite the disease, I got through it.

I’ll keep calling myself a survivor. I will take credit for my accomplishment. The folks who say that it reduces me to a victim are lost in therapyland.

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