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No Assassin

Posted on March 10, 2010 in Compassion Responsibility Stigma Violence

square639It’s very easy to stop talking about what is happening to you when you feel you have an audience with allegedly normal minds watching you. I don’t feel safe around the so-called “normal” because if you mention the flashbacks you have been having or a voice that shouted once in your ear, they put a gun in your hand and have you shooting down schoolchildren. Never mind that those who use alcohol and drugs are much more likely to commit violent crimes, it’s the mentally ill who get all the press. When was the last time you read that the accused had consumed half a bottle of Wild Turkey or a six pack of beer before he set out on a murderous rampage? The so-called sane have their own delusions which play any time they are in the presence of one who experiences mental illness. You can go through 22 years of marriage without a single act of violence or threat against your wife or any other person, yet the phrase “bipolar disorder” will incriminate you without any other facts.

The worst, of course, are those who suck in the world views of horror movies and video games. Follow this with those who won’t face their own symptoms — the drunks and the drug addicts. They make me hate the world at times, but I am no assassin. The universe does that work in its own good time. I am committed to not harming others. Like 97% of the mentally ill, this is a watch cry for me.

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