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Posted on July 9, 2015 in Dreams

square905A zoo that I volunteer at has a huge salt water pond. Huge. They’ve decided to remodel it, so they removed all the rocks that allowed visitors to hop about and look into the deeper parts of the poll that you can’t see from the edges. I notice that the larger fish in the pool have died from the heat and are lying on the bottom. Several of us point this out to the zookeeper who seems unconcerned. He thinks he has a bigger problem — there are new houses going up on the hills looking down into the zoo and he wants to plant trees so they can’t see the animals. I go around the pool and find an area where there are lots of fish. Singing “Good Vibrations” I go back to find the zookeeper to tell him about it, showing him with my hands the size of the fish that I saw. He fishes out a sand dab — which he calls a rough carp — and shows it to everyone.


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