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Alphabet Meme

Posted on March 16, 2006 in Memes

Raine made me do this.

Accent: Pure untainted Californian. North Carolinian when talking to Southerners.
Booze of Choice: An empty glass
Chore I Hate: Cleaning the Litter Box
Dog or Cat: Three cats
Essential electronics: computer, DVD player, GPS
Favorite perfume: Dunno
Gold or silver: Silver
Hometown: Trabuco Canyon, California
Insomnia: Not with the stuff I’m on
Job title: Domestic Parasite
Kids: Never raised goats
Living arrangement: Sharing 2 bedroom condo with my wife
Most admired trait: Intelligence?
Number of sexual partners: My! We are getting personal here!
Overnight hospital stays: Three (total nights — seven)
Phobia: Heights, mean people, liars
Quote: The desire for perfection is a misunderstanding of the aims of art — John Ruskin
Religion: Agnostic
Siblings: Biologically 1 brother; in practice none
Time I wake up: After 9 am
Unusual talent or skill: I don’t think of anything I do as unusual, just different
Vegetable I refuse to eat: Tomatoes
Worst Habit: Nose picking
X-rays: Last was for my knee
Yummy foods I make: Too much microwaving these days
Zodiac Sign: Not applicable. (Born out of time — do you believe me?

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