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Dinner at the Bipolar Restaurant

Posted on June 13, 2006 in Bipolar Disorder Humor?

square395I want to thank everyone who contributed their ideas for a Bipolar style restaurant. After reading the comments, I realized that it would be hard to create a bistro where the guests are brought into the bipolar experience as in the restaurant in darkness mentioned yesterday. But we can come close.

Here are some characteristics:

  1. You would be surrounded by frowning people.
  2. The food would be hospital food. If you did not eat it, they would not let you go home until you did.
  3. The food would make you constipated or dizzy or wanting more and more and more.
  4. You’d be obliged to drink large glasses of water between every course.
  5. The waiters would take notes on your behavior.
  6. Voices would tell you that the waiters did not like you and that they wanted to poison you. Other voices would just say things like blab blab blab over and over again.
  7. Whenever you lifted a fork or knife, the staff would watch you especially closely.
  8. Half the waiters would tell you that you were a deadbeat. The other half would tell you that if you just accepted God, you’d be saved. Besides, God never puts anything on your shoulders that you can’t handle.
  9. They’d serve you a great dessert but take it away before you were finished eating it.
  10. When it came time to pay for the check, you’d find that you could not leave until you paid for everyone. The amount would be more than you could pay.
  11. You’d leave the restaurant relieved that you were out of it. When you got home, however, you’d discover that the restaurant had moved into your bedroom.

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