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The Medical Marijuana for Bipolar Disorder Lie

Posted on February 20, 2015 in Addictions Bipolar Disorder Lies Psycho-bunk


square841Everyone seems to have a friend who has been helped by medical marijuana. When my wife had chemotherapy, we had it as a backup in case the anti-nausea drugs did not work for her. Glaucoma is a disease with medical research backing the effectiveness of medical marijuana. But the medical marijuana industry goes beyond what is proven by science. It welcomes those who use it for many other diagnoses despite the absence of peer review studies. In other words, if you can get a doctor or a nurse practitioner to write you a script, you can get high legally for any disease you can name. And the worst of the lies medical marijuana prescribers and retailers let fly is the lie that marijuana helps the symptoms of bipolar disorder.

Here is my full disclosure: First, I do not oppose legalization of marijuana provided it is regulated at least as well as alcohol. There need to be laws governing its sale to minors, bans against driving under the influence, etc. But other than that, I have no problem with seeing it available as a leisure drug. There’s considerable evidence that the liquor industry does not want this, but alcohol is worse than cannibis in some regards. Second, I have smoked marijuana. Here is where my strong feelings about the subject come from. When I was in college, I was talked into toking by my peers. They did not force it down my throat, they did not blow smoke into my lungs, they did not deceive me in the sense that they told me things that they knew were not true. I started using the drug by my own choice.


The Fog

Posted on February 13, 2015 in Life as Metaphor Photos Reflections Weather

The fog encroached down streets that ran to the sea. What a metaphor for existence!

How Positive Thinking Poisons Bipolar Disorder

Posted on February 10, 2015 in Compassion Depression Ettiquette Stigma

When you are depressed, society forces you to lie.



Posted on February 10, 2015 in Dreams

I walk into the kitchen and discover that someone has tried to bake a cherry pie in the microwave


The Hidden Side of Gia Carangi

Posted on February 2, 2015 in Addictions Bipolar Disorder Fashion Movies Stigma

We think better of drug addicts than we do of the mentally ill.

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