The Fog

Posted on February 13, 2015 in Life as Metaphor Photos Reflections Weather

Midday Fog at Balboa Pier

square840A week ago, I took a walk along the shore of the Newport Beach peninsula with two friends. It was a strange day — the fog did not lift until four o’clock in the afternoon. Our walk took us along the beach and then through a neighborhood with small but expensive houses that had Mercedes, BMWs, and Ferrarris parked in their garages. The thick mist reached in through streets that ran to the sea.

What a metaphor for existence! We moved in clear spaces but what was ahead was obscure to us, its nature only being revealed a little at a time. It reminded me of a short story where a tapestry predicting the future was uncovered only a few minutes before its events would unfold. Not all of us moved at the same speed — one fellow staggered well behind us so we stopped frequently to let him catch up. When the sun came out in the late afternoon, we had a taste of the clarity of our life journey to come that we craved. At the end of our walk we returned to our cars and fought the rush hour traffic to get home.

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