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50 Things About Me

Posted on July 27, 2015 in Reflections

square914I joined The Experience Project recently, which I describe as Facebook without links. One of the groups is called 50 Things About Me, so I created this list as a response to the implied question. It would be interesting to hear other people describe themselves in this fashion.

  1. I am past 50 years old.
  2. I live with bipolar disorder. I was diagnosed in 2005
  3. I live with diabetes.
  4. I have a heart defect called a narrowing of the coronary artery.
  5. I am married.
  6. I live in Orange County, California.
  7. I’ve been photographing a lot of sunsets lately.
  8. My cat owns me.
  9. My Boston Terrier is a sensitive, but loveable little guy.
  10. There’s a wilderness park only three blocks away from me.
  11. We’re going to Senegal in October.
  12. I’ve been married since 1988, bucking the myth that 95% of bipolar marriages end in divorce.
  13. I don’t believe that I have to kill for my country or support those who do to be able to claim that I am a patriot
  14. I’ve had two encounters with mountain lions.
  15. I think my mother had borderline disorder.
  16. I am Bipolar_Blogs and EmperorNorton on Twitter
  17. I take a lot of selfies
  18. I am cautious about describing my personality, but when tested, I came out as an INFP
  19. I don’t like saying “I am….”
  20. I collect cameras, including film cameras
  21. I collect quotations in a big red book
  22. The only perfect people I know are perfect jerks
  23. I am learning French
  24. I recently had 5 precancerous spots on my skin frozen off
  25. I am heterosexual, but not afraid of gays or lesbians
  26. In fact, I like the company of lesbians — they can be wickedly funny
  27. I find women very attractive when I am manic
  28. I am certified in both CPR and mental health first aid
  29. I have ties to the Quakers, aka The Religious Society of Friends
  30. I was raised Catholic
  31. When I am manic I almost think that I am the reincarnation of the Prophet Joel
  32. Love Catch-22
  33. I am active in the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance
  34. My last trip out of state was to Arizona
  35. I own a Brinno Time Lapse Camera 36.) My favorite camera is a Nikon D70
  36. I am teaching myself how to fix cameras
  37. My favorite camera is my Nikon D-70
  38. I oppose Murphy’s Law
  39. I do not own a gun
  40. I define pacifism as the refusal to prepare to commit acts of violence
  41. The farthest that I have been from home is the east coast of Crete
  42. I grew up in San Bernardino, California
  43. I lost a graduate fellowship to Duke University after I had an mixed state episode
  44. I collect skeleton figures for the Day of the Dead
  45. I collect hat/lapel pins
  46. My first dog was named Bingo, a chihuahua-dachshund mix
  47. I graduated from Pomona College in Claremont whose mascot is the Sagehen and whose school number is 47
  48. I have never been to Comic Con or a Star Trek convention
  49. I am male
  50. I am not dead yet.

I found that the list got harder then easier to write. Go figure.

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